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Greater South Cobb Kiwanis Committees


The Committee on Club Administration (Meetings) is responsible for providing the most effective club meeting possible. Areas of focus include the club meeting program, physical, reception, fellowship, and inter-club relations, as well as other areas that the committee may deem pertinent.

Chair: Henry Lust


The Committee on Membership Growth and Retention strives to increase membership according to the standards provided in the bylaws. The committee considers all membership information forms and submits its recommendations to the board of directors. The committee also develops an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promotes regular attendance by all members at club meetings.

Chairs: Ray Tiyamiyu and Herschel E. Chalk III


The Committee on Community Service implements projects on citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, literacy, public affairs, safety, or help for senior citizens and disabled persons.

Chair: Lt. Gov. Ron Davis


The Committee on Finance & Fundraising is responsible for preparing a budget of estimated income and expenses for submission to the board of directors. In addition to coordinating the fund-raising functions of the club by developing and devising innovative fund raising projects.

Chairs: Bob Poe, Ray Tiyamiyu and Rhonda Jones


The Committee on Human and Spiritual Values should implement projects that support spiritual development, provide human companionship and comfort, or offer counseling and guidance. Projects can encourage interfaith and interdenominational religious activity.

Chairs: Ray Tiyamiyu and Pastor Korede Akindel


The Inter-Club Committee is responsible for scheduling inter-club meetings to other clubs both in and outside of the Division.

Chairs: Celeste Houston and Ray Tiyamiyu


The Committee on Youth Services is responsible for projects that address the school-aged youth. Projects can address character education, club activities, leadership development, literacy and mentoring.

Chairs: Ron Davis and Delphine Lagroon


The Committee for Speakers arranges thought provoking and engaging speakers to address and inform club members and guests on current issues and areas of interest.

Chairs: Rev. Coakley Pendergrass and Ray Tiyamiyu


The Committee for Media and Marketing is responsible for promoting awareness of Greater South Cobb Kiwanis and assist other committees with communications and public relations techniques to include effective marketing, branding, outreach, recruitment, communication methods and media.

Chairs: Herschel E. Chalk III, Landis Casterlow and Ray Tiyamiyu


The Project Eliminate Committee is responsible for providing awareness and generating funds to support Kiwanis International cause to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus across the world.

Chairs: Rev. Coakley Pendergrass and Ray Tiyamiyu

Outdoor Classroom Built By Kiwanis Of Greater South Cobb

Floyd Middle School Will Use Classroom to Move Curriculum Outdoors

Outdoor Classroom1

Mableton, GA. — Sept. 29, 2014 — In the interest of helping an area middle school bring learning outdoors, the Kiwanis of Greater South Cobb and other local Kiwanis chapters built an outdoor classroom.

A ribbon cutting was celebrated at Floyd Middle School’s new outdoor classroom site on August 29, 2014 with members of the Kiwanis Club as well as teachers, administrators, district employees and students. A video of the ribbon cutting is currently available at https://www.youtube.com/user/gsckiwanis

Built by Kiwanis Club volunteers, the new classroom will enable students to go outside and connect with their natural environment, studying parts of their common core curriculum and Georgia performance standards in an outdoor environment.

“We wanted to provide a tool that would allow educators to take a hands-on approach and move their educational curriculum outdoors,” said Ray Tiyamiyu, Kiwanis of Greater South Cobb President.

Lt. Gov. Ron Davis, a dual member of Greater South Cobb Kiwanis & Smyrna Club, was the main lead and coordinated the project.

“Outside every school building exists a blossoming world of natural studies with all types of structures that can do a better job of teaching than video tapes and computers,” he said. “Children often learn best by doing, and this classroom will help them do just that.”

Three clubs joined the GSC chapter to build the outdoor classroom, including the Lost Mountain Golden Kiwanis, the Smyrna Kiwanis and the East Cobb Kiwanis. Key volunteers included Bob Poe, dual member of Greater South Cobb Kiwanis & Lost Mountain Kiwanis; Warren Kris, dual member of Greater South Cobb Kiwanis & Lost Mountain Kiwanis; Lt. Gov. Charles Lollis, member of Smyrna Kiwanis Club; Victor Koch, Engineer and volunteer who designed the outdoor classroom; Bobby Gifford, President of East Cobb Kiwanis; and Billy Rogers dual member of Marietta & Lost Mountain Golden Kiwanis.

Outdoor Classroom2

About the Kiwanis Club of Greater South Cobb
The Kiwanis Club of Greater South Cobb is one of the newest clubs in the state of Georgia. The chapter was organized and chartered by Kiwanis International in February of 2014. The club concentrates their service on children of the Austell, Mableton and Powder Springs communities. They sponsor a wide range of youth leadership and character development programs for children of all levels and ages in addition to a host of other programs including leadership camps, art and music showcases, mentoring, reading and match assistance for elementary students, field trips, teacher appreciation events, and service projects designed to introduce youth to the value and the joy of serving their school, community, and nation.

For more information about the Greater South Cobb Kiwanis, go to www.gsckiwanis.org. Follow Greater South Cobb Kiwanis on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.